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Simple step Bio-Data, Resume & CV Formation.


A resume is a documented profile of the candidate and reflectes his /her personality. Resume also are formal legal documents. In other words a resume is you. It can either destroy or augment your chances of being called for an interview. A resume (French term) is also called a curriculum vitae (Latin term) or bio-data (English term). The resume is your first introduction to the recruiters and explains your education, experience, achievments, and character. It is your calling card which is viewed well before a physical meeting with the interviewers. It, therfore, must evoke enough interest in the selector to shortlist you for an interview. Your object ive in the first instance is to present the best document about yourself to get a call for the interview.


  • The Chronological Resume
  • The Functional Resume
  • The Combination Resume


  • You must tell the truth.
  • It is ypur job to sell yourself.
  • A resume is about future not your past.
  • Put information in order of interest to your potential employer.


These are general resume format rules.
  • Use for size of 10 or 12.
  • Resume should be perfectly typed with about a one -inch margin.
  • Use only one type of font
  • use Bold print for emphasis.However, do not use too many different styles.
  • Avoid typing the resume in capital letters and italics as they are difficult to read.
  • Describe training, skills, and accomplishments in phrases rather than sentences.
  • Use action verbs to attract employer's interest and response.

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